West Palm Beach 

Private Investigator in West Palm Beach, Florida

Many of us never think about private investigation services until something major happens and we need answers. A local private investigator can be indispensable to your case—whether you’re battling a child custody case against your former spouse or you’re a law firm trying to recover funds for a client.

Our private investigator in West Palm Beach is discreet and professional. Whatever issue you need investigated, we can do background checks, provide short- and long-term video and photo surveillance, and provide you with a detailed report (on request) of our findings.

If you suspect something is wrong, don’t ignore your gut—hire an experienced private investigator to dig up the facts and get to the truth.

What We Investigate

Spouse Infidelity

Our private investigator can discreetly conduct surveillance to help you get to the truth about whether your spouse or partner is cheating. Many people want to know about a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend simply for peace of mind. In marriages and domestic partnerships—especially those that involve children—there could also be important legal reasons to know for sure about a cheating partner. If you decide to pursue a divorce due to infidelity, for example, having proof (such as photos/video acquired through spouse surveillance) could improve the financial outcome for you in the divorce.

Child Custody and Support Disputes

A private investigator can help collect the evidence you need to get sole custody of your child/children or collect payments from an ex who isn’t paying. Our child custody investigations can uncover issues like negligence, unsafe or unhygienic living environment, drug abuse, criminal activity, and more, to strengthen your case.

Background/Criminal Searches

There are many situations that call for a background and criminal search. If you’re in the process of hiring a high-profile executive, filling a government job, or hiring for a position that involves handling sensitive, confidential, or personal information, you need to be sure about who you’re hiring. Or, you may have suspicions that your spouse or someone you’re dating is engaging in illicit activities. Whatever your situation, our private investigator can dig deeper than a standard online search, which only gathers public information on a person and doesn’t decipher the information.

Alimony Reduction

Life changes, such as moving in with a romantic partner or getting remarried, can change alimony obligations. If you’re making alimony payments to a former spouse and suspect he or she is violating the terms of your alimony agreement, our private investigator can get to the bottom of it. With proof of violations you may be able to get your alimony payments reduced or eliminated.

Asset and Bank Searches

Law firms working on behalf of clients as well as banks and creditors may need an investigation into a debtor’s assets in order to have the best chances of recovering owed funds. Our private investigator can help locate hidden assets in the form of cash accounts, stocks, estates, businesses, and other assets.

Missing Person

When a person goes missing it can devastate families, business partners, and others close to the person. A private investigator can help gather clues that may aid in the recovery of the missing person; private investigators can also help people find their birth parents.

These are just some of the situations we investigate. Our experienced West Palm Beach private investigator can also track sex offenders; do a background search on a babysitter, roommate, or house sitter; uncover the facts on a potential business partner; investigate possible fraud, embezzlement, or money laundering, and more.


What Sets Us Apart: Our Specialties

Our investigative team is persistent, clever, and passionate about what they do. To get the information you need, we use every tool at our disposal, including:

  • Video and photo surveillance
  • Real-time GPS tracking (when possible)

Detailed written reports (upon request) to help strengthen your case.