Investigators Serving South Florida

Professional Private Investigators Serving South Florida

At South Florida Private Investigators, we work around the clock to help you find the truth. Whether you need to know if your spouse or significant other is cheating on you or if you need a background check on a potential new business partner or employee, a private investigator from South Florida is the way to go.

We’ve earned a favorable reputation for investigating cases using proven techniques and the latest GPS technology. While cases may take just a few short days or several months, rest assured that we offer the most professional, affordable, and discreet investigative services around the South Florida region.

Investigation Services


Asset And Bank Searches

Backgrond Check

Background Checks

Background Reports

Bugs Sweeps

Bugs Sweeps

Chargeback Collections

Scams Rips Offs

Cheating Spouse

Cheating Spouse Background

Child Custody

Employment Screening

GPS Tracking