Have you ever felt you needed to hire a private investigator in Miami?

private investigator miami florida There are a whole bunch of reasons why a decent, straightforward person like you might need the services of a PI. For starters, it is possible that you have encountered people that you suspected were dishonest, corrupt, or even dangerous, and it made sense to protect yourself.
The work of a private investigator essentially involves gathering information on specific individuals – now this information can be about anything, and it doesn’t always suggest that the person is dangerous or even corrupt.

Why would I need to hire a PI?

Established firms like South Florida Investigators deal with all sorts of cases from personal to corporate, and in many cases, the goal is to gather information that might be used in a court of law.
To give you a better picture, check out these top 5 reasons for hiring a private investigator in Miami:

1) Missing People

Sadly, people sometimes lose their loved ones in bizarre circumstances, and if law enforcement fails to make
headway with such a case, people sometimes turn to private investigators – who, unlike police, are able to allocate a great deal of time and resources to solving a case. Whether it’s a parent searching for their child, or a grown man searching for their biological parents, it all falls within the realm of private investigation.

2) Background Checks

Employers want to know as much as they can about job applicants and also before handing over high positions to their employees, and it makes sense that they’d turn to a PI for assistance. It’s true that the major reason they do background checks is to filter out people with criminal records, but generally, employers want to be well informed before investing in their workers.

3) Fraud and Embezzlement

Large companies lose millions of dollars to employee fraud, and because the guilty party almost always covers their tracks, it can be very difficult for management to figure out who is stealing from them or how the money was stolen. This is where private investigators come in; and because PIs have experience with corporate fraud, they have a higher chance of uncovering unsanctioned payments, fictional assets, and other forms of fraud and embezzlement.

4) Child Custody Cases

Child custody cases can be ugly, and parents who win custody are not always the best suited to raise the child.
It all comes down to what evidence you have to show the court that one party is engaged in activity that is bad for the child. If you’re a desperate mom or dad, hire a private investigator in Miami to do some digging and if there’s anything to your suspicions, they’re going to get it on film.

5) Cheating Spouse

Spouse infidelity is commonly associated with private investigator services, and yes, PI’s do follow up on cheating partners and take pictures – if that is what you need. South Florida Private Investigators are the best private investigators in Miami, period.
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