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As much as we’d like to think the best of people—especially those who are closest to us—the fact is dishonesty, fraud, and corruption are common problems that can involve and impact anyone, from stay-at-home parents to corporate CEOs to political leaders.

Certain situations and threats call for expert advice, such as infidelity, romance scams, identity theft, child custody issues, investment scams, hidden assets, money laundering, and many others.

If you suspect something is wrong, don’t ignore your gut—hire an experienced private investigator to dig up the facts and get to the truth.

Our Miami Beach private investigators are discreet and professional. We conduct short- and long-term video and photo surveillance and provide detailed reports (on request) of our findings.

Whether you’re a homemaker who wants to find out if your spouse or partner is cheating, a banker trying to locate hidden assets, or a law firm collecting evidence for a child custody investigation, our experienced local private investigators can handle your case.

What We Investigate
Do you need an Investigator in Miami Beach Florida?

Cheating Spouses/Partners

Many relationships have been irreparably destroyed because of a cheating husband or cheating girlfriend. Beyond the personal reasons of needing to know about a cheating partner, there may be legal reasons as well. Proving infidelity with spouse surveillance could improve the outcome of a divorce for you. For example, if you signed a prenuptial agreement that contains an infidelity clause, proving spousal infidelity could lead to a greater distribution of assets for you.

Child Custody and Support Disputes

If you suspect your ex is unfit to have joint or sole custody of your child, our private investigators can help. We conduct surveillance and take photos and videos to determine whether your child is safe and well-cared for in the custody of your ex. We look for signs of an unsafe or unhygienic living environment, lack of proper food or necessities, and other red flags, such as reckless driving, physical or verbal abuse, drug abuse, and criminal activity, all of which put a child at risk. Our findings can help strengthen your custody case.

Background/Criminal Searches

Most online background checks only gather public information on a person, and they don’t decipher that information. Private investigators, on the other hand, have access to special databases only open to investigators and law enforcement. We can uncover criminal, financial, credit, employment, litigation, education, driving, and credit histories on a person to help you make a decision.

Alimony Reduction

If you are making court-ordered alimony payments and believe your ex may be taking advantage of alimony (such as by engaging in cohabitation with a new love interest—a violation of standard alimony law) our investigators can get to the bottom of it to help you get your alimony payments reduced or eliminated.

Online Dating

Studies and surveys have found that most people lie about some aspect of themselves in their online dating profile, whether it’s their weight, age, education or income. But fudging facts like these is just the tip of the iceberg. Some people, including so-called “catfishers,” lure people into online relationships to take advantage of them physically, emotionally, or even financially. A local private investigator can help you uncover whether your online sweetheart might have more sinister motivations.

Asset & Bank Searches’

If someone owes you money or you’re a law firm acting on behalf of a client, a private investigation can help uncover whether that person has hidden assets in bank accounts, brokerage accounts, stocks, estates, businesses, financial accounts, insurance policies, transferred assets, or vehicles, boats, or aircrafts.


What Sets Us Apart: Our Specialties

  • Video and Photo Surveillance: Our local private investigators in Miami Beach, FL are experts at acquiring video and photo surveillance, which can dramatically strengthen your case. We provide confidential video and a professional private investigator written report (upon request).
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking: We use GPS tracking whenever possible within the parameters of the law. For example, if a man suspects his wife is cheating and hires us to investigate, at his request we may (legally) place a GPS tracking device on a car he owns but that his wife drives regularly. Additionally, we may use GPS tracking devices for business owners who need to track company cars or truck fleets.
  • Written Reports: We are glad to provide a comprehensive written report of our investigation on request